NG911 Roadmap: Connecting Systems Nationwide

Many states are implementing Next Generation 911 (NG911) and looking to interconnect their systems, but to establish a nationwide 911 "system of systems," several technical and non-technical tasks must be completed. These tasks, outlined in the NG911 Roadmap report released June 2019, and the most recent update on the community’s efforts to tackle this issue are available in the NG911 Roadmap Progress Report. This report, released in February 2022, identifies the progress made on the tasks that must be addressed by all members of the 911 community to achieve this national goal.

What's Happening Now

The original report does not assign task responsibility because the 911 community is best suited to identify which entity can best complete the task. Federal responsibility in this effort has been coordinating and managing the list, and individuals, agencies and organizations across the country are being encouraged to take on the specific issues and activities listed.

The NG911 Roadmap is divided into five primary goals of technical and non-technical activities that must be completed at the national level to achieve a nationwide, fully integrated NG911 system of systems. Click the graphic below to view the specific tasks within each goal and opportunities for the 911 community to move NG911 forward.

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