CPR LifeLinks

Training Slide Decks

This training curriculum PowerPoint contains all the information you need to educate your staff on how to perform telecommunicator and high-performance CPR.

Although both training slide decks recommend collaboration between EMS and 911 systems, the two files available here have been customized for the specific educational needs of 911 or EMS professionals. Download both or select just one.

Download T-CPR Deck

ZIP File (64MB)

Download HP-CPR Deck

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CPR LifeLinks Overview Slide Deck

Want to share more information about why Telecommunicator CPR and High-Performance are important to your community and how 911 and EMS can work together to save more lives? Download this slide deck, which provides an overview of the CPR LifeLinks initiative and addresses how the toolkit and training materials were developed.

Download CPR LifeLinks Overview Slide Deck

ZIP File (63kb)

EMS and 911 Unite Webinar

This 1-hour webinar features insights from a 911 Training Manager and EMS Training Manager in Bend, OR that implemented an advanced CPR program in their agencies and saw measurable improvement. It also includes insight from the CPR LifeLinks Principal Investigator on the state of cardiac arrest in the country and the latest research about early intervention.