CPR Lifelinks

CPR LifeLinks is a national initiative to help communities save more lives through the implementation of telecommunicator and high-performance CPR programs.

According to the American Heart Association, only 46% of the 250,000 people who experience out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in the U.S. each year get immediate help before a professional arrives. In response to a recommendation by the National Academies, NHTSA brought together EMS and 911 stakeholders to create a comprehensive CPR program implementation toolkit for every 911 and EMS agency in the country.

Implementation Toolkit

CPR LifeLinksThe Implementation Toolkit is a holistic resource for both 911 and EMS agencies as they embark on implementing telecommunicator and high-performance CPR programs. In it, you’ll find: what challenges to expect and how to overcome them, sample protocols and pre-arrival instructions, staff training guidance, ways to measure performance and more.


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Training Materials for Your Agency

CPR LifeLinksBegin training your team today with a CPR LifeLinks training curriculum for EMS and 911 agencies. An engaging webinar also shares how one 911 and EMS agency partnered to implement advanced CPR programs and doubled their sudden cardiac arrest survivor rates within a few years.


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Case Studies

CPR LifeLinksHear firsthand experiences from several agencies throughout the country as they implemented advanced CPR programs. The case studies include: downloadable documents, an emotional video featuring a family and the first responders that worked together to save a young child’s life, and an animated video explaining the CPR LifeLinks initiative.


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Celebrate Survivors

CPR LifeLinksIt’s important to recognize the culture of empowerment and celebrate those who make a difference in their community. Agencies from around the country share ideas, stories and advice on how to create and implement a celebration program. Download sample press releases, certificates and Tree of Life artwork.


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CPR LifeLinks911 and EMS agencies are critical links in the chain of survival, and their response is the first step in improving cardiac arrest survival rates. A variety of resources are available to enable outreach and education, including an implementation toolkit, training PowerPoint, case studies, videos and webinars.


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